Moisture ControlWhen it comes to dampness and moisture control services London based, Spectrum Property Care lead the way. This is something we have many years of experience in. We combine our team of trained and certified technicians with our inventory of cutting edge equipment to deliver the most effective results, ensuring costs are reduced, your property is protected, and health threats are eradicated. Read on to discover more about what we can do for you.

From leaking pipes to condensation, there are many reasons why dampness and consequently mould occurs. In fact, dampness is one of the biggest problems faced by homeowners all over the UK, and this issue is accelerated rapidly during the winter months. Why? Well, air can hold moisture, and the warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold. Thus, during the summer months, the air holds moisture more effectively. However, in the winter, when air comes into contact with cold surfaces, such as windows and walls, it condenses into water droplets, and this causes dampness to these substrates and often mould as a result.

Insulation, ventilation and sufficient heating are required to control this, and thus if you experience any problems with one of these variables, you may find yourself requiring dampness and moisture control services. Other causes include rising damp, which occurs when moisture enters from the ground through the floor and walls due to “bridging” of the damp prof course or membrane , as well as penetrating damp such as rainwater via windows frames, poor brickwork, compromised roofs or even leaking pipes.

The trouble is that a lot of people do not see the issue with a bit of damp in their home. They realise that it doesn’t exactly promote the best conditions and that it can be unattractive too, but they don’t feel as if it is something that needs to be attended to urgently. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. There are many problems that can arise if you do not hire a professional company for dampness and moisture control. You can increase the risk of respiratory illness, as dampness can encourage the growth of house dust mites. Not only this but also your furniture and structures can end up destroyed, especially if you have timber floors or window frames, as mould or fungal growth will cause this material to rot.

Thus, if you have noticed any dampness in your home or business, you need a team of experts to deal with the issue as quickly as possible. All of our employees are certified, trained and up to date with the latest control techniques. Combine this with our cutting edge assortment of equipment, and it is not difficult to see why we are the obvious choice. We will ensure the issue of damp and moisture is controlled at source, rather than applying unnecessary chemicals or plaster, so that you don’t suffer any further costs or problems, both now and in the future. Not only do we pride ourselves on a service of an exceptional standard, but our prices are competitive too. We also work alongside Insurance loss assessors to ensure that any bona fide claims are settled quickly and effectively.

If your property is prone to dampness and moisture, you need to get in touch with Spectrum Property Care today to ensure that any adverse knock-on effects do not occur. We can provide you with a dampness and moisture control solution that is entirely tailored to suit your needs. All you have to do is give us a call on 0203 700 6913, and one of our experienced and friendly advisors will assist you in any manner they can.