ReinstatementHere at Spectrum Property Care, we provide an extensive reinstatement service for property that has been adversely affected by the likes of flood, water, impact, fire, or storm damage. This is something we have an extensive amount of experience in, having worked for both private homeowners and business owners as well as Insurance Companies. With our level of experience and inventory of innovative equipment, you can be sure that we will deliver a service of an exceptional standard at a competitive rate.

We can adapt to the needs of our clients, irrespective of your situation. In many instances, the insured party contacts us, and we work alongside the loss adjuster that is appointed to our client by their Insurance Company. We will oversee the entire reinstatement process to ensure the property is restored back to its original state and that both client and insurance company are satisfied.

We carry out a thorough service to ensure the property is restored back to its pre-incident condition. This always begins with a thorough analysis of the damage. We will carry out an array of tests using numerous types of detection equipment, and we will present our findings to the loss adjuster, as well as a full report regarding the scope of work that is entailed and an accurate estimate. The loss adjuster will then assess what we have presented them with, and they must agree to the budget costs, the scope of work, and the phases that need to be carried out. It is quite common that companies rush this step, which can lead to problems later down the line, whether it’s issues that have not been detected properly in the analysis phase, or problems with the Insurance Company because the reinstatement process has unfolded differently from how the construction business initially stated it would.

Many restoration companies offer limited services that exclude the reinstatement process, or tend to use sub-contractors, therefore unable to provide a flexible approach at the early stage of Inspection. Similarly, building contractors are limited in their scope to undertake the restoration aspect of the process to their lack of qualifications and certified technicians. Either way, this will expose the client to unwanted health risks due to improper restoration techniques, as well as potential unaccountability for the reinstatement work due to a lack of construction experience and project management.

If you require insurance reinstatement services in London or the surrounding areas, there is no one better for the job than Spectrum Property Care. To begin the process, or to ask any further questions about our service, simply give us a call. The number you need is 0203 700 6913. We look forward to hearing from you.