surveyWhen you require the services of Spectrum Property Care for any restoration projects, we will carry out a detailed, comprehensive survey, using a wide array of innovative devices. This is a step that the vast majority of businesses overlook nowadays, and it can result in an inefficient service for both domestic and commercial customers, which can have costly consequences. You can have the peace of mind that this will not occur when you choose us.

Why do we carry out a survey?

This is a necessary step to get to the source of the problem. Whether you have recently suffered a fire or you have fallen victim to water damage, an extensive analysis is imperative to discover the extent of the damage so that the most effective solutions can be put into place. Companies who dive straight into the restoration process run the risk of crucial problems being overlooked, and thus their services often simply paper over the cracks, whereas we ensure that all issues are dealt with and thus there are no recurring problems or costs in the future.

With this service, you will benefit from the likes of mould, dampness and moisture control reports, and this will give you a clear and accurate picture regarding the extent of the damage. We charge for this service because we use a number of leading devices and equipment, and we provide a full report of the issues and the scope of work entailed. Independent Air Quality Testing is available from one of our trusted associates at a further charge.

Companies that claim to offer surveys free of charge simply take a quick look at the issue and then tell you what they think will be entailed in a brief manner. Nine times out of ten, you will receive an incomplete and inadequate overview of what is actually required, resulting in potentially expensive and timely errors to you and your business. You can be confident this will not occur when you choose us, as we provide a detailed timeline of what is required as well as an accurate estimate.

This part of the process is just as important as the restoration techniques that are used. After all, if the problems aren’t diagnosed properly in the first place, an effective service cannot be provided, and thus future problems are guaranteed to arise.

Our surveys are cost efficient and they are carried out by certified and trained technicians, who have a vast amount of experience in the industry. They are all up to date with the latest techniques and have the knowledge required to deduce all findings accurately and put together the most effective custom restoration plan.

If you have any further questions about our surveys, or if you would like to take advantage of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and our team would be more than happy to help you in any way they can. So, give us a call today on 0203 700 6913 to get started.